SMC Advantage

Knowledgeable and Experienced Personnel

Nothing beats experience for determining the most efficient, effective and economical methods and materials for achieving a project’s success. Our projects have a project executive, project manager, site superintendent and tradesmen with decades of multi-faceted construction experience.

Reputation for Fairness

Our excellent reputation for fairness in the industry ensures our clients will get bids from the most reputable trade contractors at their most competitive prices. We are dedicated to full transparency with our clients so they know we only charge what we’re due. Our fairness extends to trade contractors, as well, which results in big benefits to the client with good pricing (no hidden allowances for extras) and increased production at a job where adversity is minimized.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has become the heart of our business. Our goal is to deliver projects that exceed client expectations. As evidence of our success, we enjoy abundant repeat business and work gained through word-of-mouth.

Commitment to Industry Developments

Shales McNutt Construction is committed to staying abreast of developments in the construction industry, and is proud to be part of projects seeking LEED® Certification.

Respect of Owner’s Priorities

One of the keys to our company’s success is the fact that we listen to our clients and make sure their priorities are addressed. A project is not about the design and construction team’s desires. Our focus is understanding and protecting the owner’s interests.

Additions and Renovations Within Occupied Facilities

Over 76% of our projects in the past 5 years include work within or adjacent to occupied facilities, from surgical suites to schools and libraries. Our team has the experience to not only plan successful completion of the work, but also to communicate the plan to bidding contractors, establish expectations up front, minimize surprises, and execute the plan with great success.

Cost Control

We understand that cost control is a top priority for virtually every project. Solid cost control includes accurate budgets, thoughtful and well-communicated trade scopes of work, competitive bidding of all trades from qualified bidders, and close supervision of the project as it is being completed. Our team has a proven process and an excellent track record of controlling costs from start to finish.

Reliable Schedules

It is critical that all projects maintain construction schedules are accurate, dependable, and followed. We understand what a tremendous responsibility it is for clients to make informed decisions and commit to reasonable expectations. Our past performance is a testament to our ability to provide reliable information to our clients.

Hands-On Approach to Site Management

Our team is experienced in hands-on construction. We are accustomed to knowing the responsibilities of each trade contractor and helping them facilitate their completion. We understand how materials and team members come together to build a quality project. This hands-on approach identifies concerns early, seeks resolution promptly, and maintains— if not improves—project schedules.

Phasing—Construction and On-Going Operations

76% of our projects in the last five years have involved work in and around occupied spaces. These projects required a great deal of separation between occupied and construction spaces. Not only have we successfully renovated library facilities while still in operation, but we have also renovated hospital (including surgical suites) and educational facilities while insuring that daily activities were not interrupted.


All Shales McNutt superintendents and project managers have completed OSHA’s 30-hour training course in Construction Safety and Health. This level of training is uncommon in the industry and sets us apart from our competition. During construction, our project superintendents have the authority to immediately correct any safety concerns.

Shales McNutt construction is signatory to the Carpenter’s and Laborer’s union agreements and have been since inception. We enjoy a very good working relationship with all trade unions. In fact, our CFO, Mike Shales, has served on the local laborer’s Health & Welfare board for well over a decade and is currently the board chair.